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Making a complaint will not affect the way you receive services in any way, but your complaint will likely improve how MHCTas works. MHCTas employees will work towards resolving the complaint with you in a fair way and in the shortest possible time. All complaints are treated confidentially. For more information please read our process for making a complaint here.


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National Tobacco and Mental Illness Project

While smoking rates in the general Australian community have reduced to one of the lowest in the world (AIHW, 2011), approximately 40% of the remaining smokers are now people with mental illness. 42% of all cigarettes are smoked by people with mental illness. Of those surveyed for ‘People Living with Psychotic Illness’ (November 2011) 66.1% were smoking 21 cigarettes a day or more. This figure had hardly changed since the last survey in 1997.

The Tobacco Free Project

Mental Health Carers Tasmania in collaboration with Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia Inc. welcomes the roll out of the National Tobacco and Mental Illness Project in Tasmania.Tasmania's smoking rate at 21.7% is the second highest rate in Australia, combined with above the national average rates of mental illness. This is a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the health of people with mental illness across the state.

The project consists of three components:

  1. Tobacco Free 10 week program,
  2. Talking about Tobacco 30 minute awareness-raising sessions; and
  3. Training for health professionals.

Based on the results achieved by the Tobacco and Mental Illness Project in South Australia, from the Tobacco Free 10 week programs it is expected that approximately:

  • 30% of participants will manage to stop smoking for over 30 days; and
  • 20% of participants will not be smoking at 12 months after completing the program.

Of those who continue to smoke, 70% will remain motivated and continue to tackle tobacco and most will have managed to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked each day. Given that most participants will be living with significant disability associated with their mental illness, and that they are smoking on average more than 30 cigarettes per day, these results are highly significant.

Click here to download the Tobacco Free brochure 

We have several ways in which to become involved
Printed Referral Form - Print out and email or post to us
Online Referral Form - Fill out online

Tobacco Free flyer both Groups

Tobacco Free Group Support Program Flyer- downlad the flyer

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